Creating a Morning Ritual

I used to jump out of bed and start working or cleaning. I realized it was depleting my energy and making me stressed. I knew things had to change and I needed some morning time to myself. It took some time to adjust to my new morning ritual but now it is part of my morning routine.

I will share what I do but you can create any morning ritual that feels good to you. 

In general I do not rush out of bed anymore. I take some time to lay there and look out at the sun and the trees. I do gentle stretches and practice my breathing exercises.

Once I am up I will think of things that I am grateful for. Sometimes I will ground myself by walking in my garden barefoot and look at my house, my garden, my cats, my dog and take in all of the things I love about being home. My daughter is starting to join me in the morning and it makes it extra special.

I will then pick a favorite essential oil and take some time to breathe it in. I love citrus scents in the morning. They are invigorating and instantly cheer me up.

Then I will jump on my trampoline for a few minutes. This gets me going and is so good for the lymphatic system. 

Next I will do a few yoga poses that help stretch out my body and release tension.

This may sound like a lot but it does not take much time at all and it instantly sets me up for a good day. 

I hope you can find a morning ritual that will make the day extra special for you.

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