February Full Moon - The Snow Moon

February’s full moon is traditionally known as the Snow Moon in the northern hemisphere and typically symbolizes the beginning of spring. Here in New York February sure has been snowy! As things started to melt this week I was started to dream of spring and rebirth and now anticipating the birds chirping and everything starting to bloom. The coming of spring always has me making plans for new projects and I get so excited. I plan my garden, I dream of road trips to source new products for the shop and I dream of long days outdoors. 


Tonight I will prepare by smudging and cleaning my crystals and stones. I went outside today to clean up my property and to dream of my garden. I blessed my property and thanked it for always keeping me safe and my animals safe. The yard was full of squirrels and birds and of course my outdoor cats that I adore. 

One of my favorite things to do is gather snow and make magical snow water. 

I hope you have something wonderful planned for the full snow moon.

Blessed Be



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