Magical Properties of Mugwort

I believe Mugwort is a necessity in every witches pantry. It’s known as a psychic/Lunar herb that’s also strongly protective. 

In modern witchcraft, Mugwort is used primarily as a visionary herb. Mugwort amplifies psychic vision and may induce prophetic dreams. An herb of the Goddess as Crone, Mugwort encourages wisdom and observation. When paired with a divinatory method of your choice, Mugwort is an excellent helper for confronting difficult truths.

Spells and Mugwort Formulas

  • Hang a bundle near the front door to prevent evil from entering. Hung near the bed, Mugwort is said to aid in astral projection.
  • Sleeping on a pillow or sachet stuffed with Mugwort (with Jasmine, Rose and/or Lavender) brings clear and memorable dreams.
  • Burn Mugwort over charcoal as a divinatory and purifying incense. Mugwort is sometimes tied into bundles to make smudges. (It repels insects, too!)
  • Mugwort may be prepared as an herb tea to aid in divination and scrying. A teaspoon of the dried leaves is steeped in one cup of hot water. Add honey and lemon, or combine with other herbs, if desired.

  • Mugwort is not suitable for pregnant or lactating women.
  • Artemisia plants contain liver toxins that may build up if used in excess. If you use them regularly, take periodic breaks of at least a week. Don’t give them to young children or pets.
  • Never ingest essential oils. That goes double for oils containing thujone. A single overdose can cause permanent damage to the liver and kidneys.
  • Mugwort produces pollen which may aggravate seasonal allergies. The pollen is not a big problem if you plan to burn it or brew it in water. However, it’s something to think about when making dream pillows and wreaths. Some people have reported skin irritation from contact with the herb.
  • While I don’t know if it’s possible to have a “bad trip” on Mugwort, those opposed to mind-altering substances should probably avoid it.
  • Scent Profile: Herbaceous, Sharp, Grassy, Musty


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