The Story of Woodland Witch

Woodland Witch was created out of my love for nature, energy and healing. At an early age I always felt very sensitive to energy from people around me. I was too young to realize that I was an empath. I picked up on the energies around me wherever I would go - some were good and some not so good. I would often feel drained when I was in a crowd and would want to retreat to a quiet place. Because of this drain on my energy I was drawn to the outdoors, being in nature and in solitude whenever possible. I was also drawn to the metaphysical world. I lived close to New York City and would often take the train to go to metaphysical shops and wander around for hours looking at books and crystals. One of my favorite shops was Magical Child where I would learn about tarot cards, ceremonial magic and ritual candles.

In my teens I would often say that if I really wanted something and focused on it I would get it. Not materialistic things, real life things. Little did I know then that was manifesting. I did not have a name for it but I knew that if I kept my mind on what I wanted to happen it would. Later on I learned that I had a great gift for manifesting and learned to sharpen my craft. When people would tell me that things were impossible I knew that if I thought positive about what I wanted and focused all of my energy it would happen.

When I graduated high school and college students were going out partying, my best friend and I would rather take road trips and go camping. We would feel energized sleeping under the stars or jumping into a lake. Our love for travel took us to several Native American pow wows and the Lower Brule Sioux Reservation. We learned all about smudging, sweat lodges and using herbs for medicine. We even created our first medicine bag which I still have and treasure. We had many wise teachers along the way. 

In my twenties, my mother got cancer and I was devastated. I was so frustrated with how medicine was failing her I started to read anything and everything I could get my hands on about natural medicine and healing looking for a way to cure her. Although, it was too late to save my mom I became passionate about natural healing and was so sad when she passed away I buried myself in books on alternative medicine, healing, crystals and herbalism. Once again I was thrown back into nature. I feel it was always my calling. 

Soon after my mother passed away I found out I had Lyme disease and once again traditional medicine was failing me. I just became sicker and sicker with all the meds I was given. The doctors told me that medicine was the only cure for Lyme and I believed them. Although the antibiotics was necessary and has a place in killing off the disease, all the other meds I was given was slowly killing me instead of healing me. I one again went back to nature and started to look for a way to heal and with herbs and natural medicine my Lyme disease went into remission. 

Through the many years of working as an interior designer, owning 2 retail shops and managing an e commerce shop I felt the calling back to the natural world. This is how Woodland Witch was born. I am back to creating rituals, honoring nature, healing under the moon, breathing in the forest air and working with herbs to heal. Now I would like to bring that energy to you by offering quality crystals and stones, ritual kits, herbs, apothecary items and all things related to nature and the craft.

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